Postage and Delivery

UK and International Postage & Delivery

The postage costs for any order will show up in your cart before you checkout so you can see how much they cost in total. They will be different depending on what items are being shipped and how many items are being sent.

All UK orders in stock will be sent first class,within 4 working days of cleared payment.

International orders will delivered within 10-15 days.

Each order has a standard postage and packaging cost of plus an added cost per item of 0.70  

           Shipping cost UK:                Europe:                              Rest of the World:

Hats/Bibs                          £1.00                  £2.00                         £3.00

Bags                                  £1.50                  £2.50                         £3.50

Clothing                            £1.70                  £2.70                         £3.70

Gift sets                             £2.60                  £2.70                         £3.70  

Rattles                              £1.50                  £2.40                         £3.50

Shoes/Boots                   £1.40                  £2.40                         £3.00


Comforters                       £1.50                  £2.50                       £3.50

Blankets                           £3.00                  £4.00                       £5.00

Not currently shipping to USA and Canada.

All sales are subject to UK Laws.